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Breakthrough Approach to Personal Growth

Just Listen to Reprogram Your Brain

There are a wide variety of products and programs that offer to help you grow and achieve in various ways.  Many of these programs offer substantial benefits over a period of weeks or months.  Very few personal growth approaches offer significant long term change and help you operate at a higher level.  The market is also saturated with copycat products and simplistic placebos.  This has ultimately convinced many people that the personal development and self-help field is less than wonderful.

I have tried and reviewed many of these and look for the theory and core efficacy in every offering and technique. In every article, book, or study, I look for repeatable gains and benefits.  Though many products and individual techniques offer some benefits, none offer the long term potential I believe is possible.  I’ve always believed personal development programs could be taken to vastly improved levels.  The journey and commitment is still long, but the accumulated results could be much greater.

Over time, I’ve used passionate curiosity and mental rigor as a guide.  I discuss and validate the concepts at length, including working with psychiatrists and psychologists to get their perspective on these non-medical products.  My current theory and perspective in personal development builds on many great teachers, researchers, leaders, and thinkers.

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Relaxation Response Can Influence Expression Of Stress-Related Genes

In a study at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Genomics Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), it was found that triggering the relaxation response (yes, that Benson) activates a pattern of genes that appear related to stress management.  This study may suggest diverse areas from pain management, arthritis, and many others could be influenced positively by systematically and consistently evoking the relaxation resposne.

This obviously points in a positive and expected direction, confirming Benson’s original observations in new areas.  Although we don’t attempt to cure or prevent any medical issues, this does suggest broad positive effects from consistent, deep relaxation that is part of many of the programs here (and elsewhere).

Massachusetts General Hospital (2008, July 3). Relaxation Response Can Influence Expression Of Stress-related Genes. ScienceDaily.­/releases/2008/07/080701221501.htm

Introduction to The Secret Brain Transformation Program

The Secret Brain Transformation Program employs intensely powerful techniques, leveraging recent theory in brain and neuroscience to dramatically extend time-tested and proven self-improvement and transformation methods.

What do I get?  What should I expect?

This program guides you to make self-directed, thoughtful adjustments to yourself.  We guide you through the process and give you extraordinarily powerful tools.  You choose who you want to be.  We will teach you how to open the doors, get your brain to literally rewire its pathways.  We’ll give you ideas and suggestions, but this program doesn’t say who you should be — that is up to you.

The messages and instructions in this program are oriented toward process and change.  This includes the ability release, creating acceptance, and getting beyond established patterns.  You play the central role, choosing which parts of yourself to change, how to change them, and what you want to become.  These programs are not packed with messages, just enough to draw your focus into the area desired.  Your brain and your choices do most of the work.

With this program, we are 100% confident you will learn to change any aspect of yourself you desire and commit to.  As you fully realize the program’s power, changing yourself becomes at least 10 times easier.  This is no exaggeration.  Intense willpower is replaced with precise focus – your brain helps you rather than fights for you to stay the same.

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Register Today – Transform Your Life

I invite you to experience the programs we offer here.   The time you spend reading these pages, downloading the files, and using the program could be the most powerful time you’ve invested in years or decades.  I credit these techniques in great part for my own success, allowing us to offer these advanced programs free of charge.

Look at the million products in the personal growth and self-help arena.  Do they have a clear approach.  Can you see how they put two and two together to improve your life?  The answer is mostly a resounding NO. The vast majority of programs are a regurgitation of a few basic techniques with a heavy dose of mysticism and magic thrown in for good measure.

The theory and programs you find here are different at many levels.  We’ve built a unique approach over decades, reviewing new types of program, tracking research, and trying new things.  We’ve created custom EEG, production equipment, and specialized signal processing software to validate our theories.  We weren’t driven by marketing needs.  We are driven by a deep desire to create effective models that lead to the most amazing transformation capability possible.

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Effects of Zen Meditation on the Brain

This novel study reviews the brains activity during and subsequent to zen meditation practices.  In particular, they are identifying the effects of Zen meditation, a very simple posture and breath meditation practice, on activation and inhibition reactions in various regions of the brain.

Emory University Health Sciences Center (2004, June 17). Emory Researchers Study The Effects Of Zen Meditation On The Brain. ScienceDaily.­/releases/2004/06/040617081841.htm

Mindfulness Meditation Changes Brain And Immune Function

This small study shows that sustained changes in the brain and immune  function occur after mindfulness meditation training and practice during the study.

Sustained increases in the left frontal region of the brain were detected, on a sustained basis, in the control group.  This has been associated with more optimistic and emotionally positive mental states.

Separately, biomarkers of immune response were checked by evaluating antibody development following flu shots.  The control group had significantly better immune response to flu shots following the mindfulness training and practice period.

University Of Wisconsin-Madison (2003, February 4). University Of Wisconsin Study Reports Sustained Changes In Brain And Immune Function After Meditation. ScienceDaily.­/releases/2003/02/030204074125.htm

Meditation Can Lower Blood Pressure

In this study below, it was found that meditation, or more specifically transcendental meditation, can lower blood pressure.

Combined with other practices, including breathwork and guided relaxation, which are also shown to lower blood pressure, we believe there is a strong basis for maintaining healthy cardiac and blood pressure using meditation and relaxation techniques.  We recommend and use these techniques in our programs to help augment your health, not as a substitute for proper medical attention and care.

University of Kentucky (2008, March 15). Meditation Can Lower Blood Pressure, Study Shows. ScienceDaily.­/releases/2008/03/080314130430.htm


The book “Megabrain” by Michael Hutchison was a seminal work in personal development programs.  At this point, mostly a historical curiosity, but the book did shake up the personal growth and self-help arena — driving exploration of performance transformation beyond traditional books and seminars on tape.

Koss Headphones

Koss is a specialty brand that offers a variety of quality headphones.  Any decent Koss headphones that have full range (near 20-20Khz range), full coverage over the ear, will work well for the programs on this site and others like it.

Meditation improves concentration

In the study referenced below, it was shown than basic meditation techniques improve concentration and focus.  This adds to the body of evidence that meditation practices have benefits well beyond the brief period of relaxation one experiences during meditation.

The programs you’ll find here incorporate techniques of mindfulness meditation, along with relaxation, brainwave entrainment, and other techniques to provide a powerful meditation-like experience.  This is intended to provide more readily apparent and lasting benefits from meditation, without the years of practice that might otherwise be needed before results are apparent.

University of Pennsylvania (2007, June 26). Meditate To Concentrate. ScienceDaily.­/releases/2007/06/070625193240.htm