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Breakthrough Approach to Personal Growth

Just Listen to Reprogram Your Brain

There are a wide variety of products and programs that offer to help you grow and achieve in various ways.  Many of these programs offer substantial benefits over a period of weeks or months.  Very few personal growth approaches offer significant long term change and help you operate at a higher level.  The market is also saturated with copycat products and simplistic placebos.  This has ultimately convinced many people that the personal development and self-help field is less than wonderful.

I have tried and reviewed many of these and look for the theory and core efficacy in every offering and technique. In every article, book, or study, I look for repeatable gains and benefits.  Though many products and individual techniques offer some benefits, none offer the long term potential I believe is possible.  I’ve always believed personal development programs could be taken to vastly improved levels.  The journey and commitment is still long, but the accumulated results could be much greater.

Over time, I’ve used passionate curiosity and mental rigor as a guide.  I discuss and validate the concepts at length, including working with psychiatrists and psychologists to get their perspective on these non-medical products.  My current theory and perspective in personal development builds on many great teachers, researchers, leaders, and thinkers.

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Hello – hope you’re all doing great

Hello… It’s been a very long time, so I thought I’d say hello to the community. But first, special thanks to Ryan for keeping the site alive.

I’ve spent the past few years on other very related endeavors. Intensive meditation, travel, weekend retreats, and much contemplation have passed since I last wrote for this tsb.

According to Ryan, we’ve reached almost 5,000 members, well over 1 million downloads, and several thousand comments and emails. The overwhelming majority of comments have been very positive. This seems to confirm what we already knew, that these programs are at the top of the performance hierarchy — yielding more for your immersion and involvement than anything else we know of.

I’m now working with a small group on a new project. I don’t know when and where, or even the completed form quite yet. Early results show we can drive unprecedented awareness, openness and psychological agility.

Stay tuned and thanks for all your enthusiasm and feedback.

Warm Regards,

Migration was completed and downloads are Back!


We migrated some time ago and the site should function completely. Files for standard levels are back. 

More great news: Omega Meditation Level F, which itself is 4 advanced levels, is now available.

Please enjoy and keep feedback coming.




Rationalization vs Reason — Conscious awareness may be misunderstood

First, a preamble, to create anticipation

I’m about to challenge the very essence of what it means to be human.  Once grasped, this will give you a much greater understanding of your own behavior as wells as others.  The ramifications and depth of this will go much deeper as you allow yourself to ponder the viewpoint I propose.  As a stream of sentences that pass your judgement filters, little may be gained.  As a light into the possible mechanics on which we are based, the gains are extraordinary.  You will see that rising above your wiring requires utmost honest with ourselves, total integrity, and living impeccably.  This allows us to escape the traps of our wiring to be fully alive.

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Hello and Update

Hello everyone..

As those with whom I correspond via email know, I’ve been traveling an enormous amount this year.  I’ve been on several continents, many countries, having a great time, and attending vigorously to my endeavors.

This project, fortunately, continues to run itself, signing up new members each day.  We have several thousand member sign-ups to date.   Many come in, grab level A, then disappear.   However, many stay with the program and report long term results from valuable to phenomenal in their lives.

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What members say about Omega Mind Program


After about 9 months with this site live, I decided to put together some of the positive experiences and comments into a post. The feedback confirms what my small circle had already shown with this technology. With over a thousand members and hundreds of comments, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Although these are excerpts, I believe they all convey the original intent as shown. I used ellipsis where I thought portions of the excerpt would be misconstrued.

All of the feedback is helpful and appreciated. Please keep it coming.

Amazing. Absolutely Awesome. : Dylan 4/10

Very impressed. : Angie 5/10

I could totally feel the difference. … I can definitely feel a different and potent energy working inside me. : Victoria 6/10

This is absolutely awesome! : Remax 6/10

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More about TheSecretBrain and Charles Andrews

Somewhere along the way, the /about/ page on this site was orphaned.  I’ve been getting a question asking “who are you” about every week for a few months now.  I didn’t realize that the site’s about page has no obvious links.

I updated the page and have added this post here so you can find it.  A longer term home for this link will be added soon.  Sorry to all of those who were in suspense or felt deprived of this information….

You can learn more about me, the theories, and this site, at About The Secret Brain and Charles Andrews.

Warm Regards,


Neural communication: Weak electrical fields in the brain help neurons fire together

This is a very interesting release from CIT suggests concrete evidence that electric fields in the brain are not just a byproduct of neural activity, but also influence the firing and synchronization of neurons. Many have speculated or assumed this is the case, but this adds evidence. The role of the electric field in communications among neurons and the more likely role in their synchronization will likely be further unraveled with similar techniques.

I list it as a reference, though this doesn’t inform any techniques used on TSB at this time. It does suggest added importance of the EEG and the dominant frequencies in the brain.

California Institute of Technology (2011, February 7). Neural communication: Weak electrical fields in the brain help neurons fire together. ScienceDaily. From­/releases/2011/02/110202132617.htm

Introducing Omega Meditation Sessions

As part of an effort to ensure our members get the variety and types of programs they seek, we are adding Meditation sessions to the Omega Mind Program.  Since many members are also developing a meditation practice, this helps weave your meditation goals into the Omega Mind Program experience.

The sessions (available in Member Area – Omega Meditation) can either be used separately or to extend the Omega Mind Program series in each level.  Since the sessions are optional and can be used with or without the core Omega sessions, they are in a separate download section of the member area.

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Release Blame and Choose Responsibility

Just as “certainty” can seriously undermine our transformation, a “blaming” mindset can covertly keep us stuck.

Normal people don’t walk around saying “I blame others for most bad outcomes and don’t take personal responsibility.”  It is amazing how few people acknowledge this common pattern, yet how widely it is expressed in everyday life.  I’m not here to criticize people for this self deception, but rather help expose the pattern so you can release it and grow.  This is a common part of the human machine we can grow beyond, but only with the fortitude to look past our comfort zone.

What do I mean by “blame?”   I mean attributing the cause of events, circumstances, and even your own actions and thoughts, as originating outside yourself.  Sometimes this involves specifically communicating that others are at fault, but mostly it is an insidious internal habit.  The habit creates external causes for your life, particularly the aspects you don’t like.  This forms the basis of a — dramatic pause — a victim mindset.  In stronger forms, I believe this blame habit is the root of many clear victimization perspectives, wherein people attribute much of their life to other people, the system, the unfair world, the evil human parents, and so on.  As with the blame habit, no one thinks they have a victim mindset. Both are subtle infections that undermine our lives from the inside out, rather than appear in our internal awareness.

Sometimes it is reasonable to blame others.  You’re eating in a restaurant and someone crashes into your legally parked car.  A burglar breaks into a locked building and steals something.  Even in these cases, beware of subtle hiding of your participation and power — did you park properly, did you secure your valuables reasonably?  Even if you are not the cause, be open to learn and alter the circumstance in the future when appropriate.

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How does Omega Mind Program compare to Holosync?

A member recently asked this question, framing a few key points on the member’s view on Holosync.  While I don’t really want to compare directly with other products, I do think some good questions were raised and I will address those in this post.

Before I quote the question and provide my answer, I want to state that Holosync is a successful product with a strong reputation, that I believe was well-earned.  We have a different approach and different pricing model, as in free, but this site doesn’t offer any customization or intense personal support.  If their program seems to fit with where you are and you can afford it, give it a try.  I believe they have a satisfaction guarantee and there is little risk on your part.

There are many differences in the approaches.  Of course, I believe the programs here are more effective at driving personal change on average.  However, they likely say the same of their program and expound the unique power of Holosync.  Since individuals vary, your mileage could vary as well.

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