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Neuro-Programmer 3 (recently upgraded from v2 to 3) by TransparentCorp is a program that generates sounds designed to entrain the brain or induce desired brain states.  The program includes a variety of core techniques that are widely known to produce “brainwave entrainment” as well as a variety of supporting materials to make programs enjoyable.

The program includes a library of general brain/mind sessions.  These cover the gamut of well researched uses for brainwave entrainment.  Neuro-Programmer 3 Professional also provides the ability to modify the programs and create new ones to your taste, at minimal added cost.  This is a low-cost way to get a good library of well researched brainwave/binaural/isochronic sound programs along with the tools to create your own.  The price ranges from $45 to $60 and includes 125 programs.

The 125 programs included with Neuro-Programmer 3 are  solid expressions of accepted practice, with many derived from specific research on entrainment effects.  As individual programs, for those wishing to experiment with a wide variety of effects, this program is excellent.  If you are looking to leverage specific self development or personal transformation systems, this product could be helpful, but doesn’t intend to provide such a cohesive theme in its sessions.  I would characterize this as a mostly do-it-yourself mind entrainment package.

Transparent Corp has excellent products and great customer service.  This product is only one example of their fine offerings.

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  • Has there been or “is” any research being done on a program that integrates “audio-visuals that are safe for patients who suffer from epilepsy..? Im thinking about researching ways to by-pass the problem ares of the brain that often “trigger epileptic episodes, perhaps even induce a possible healing process from within the mind/brain itself using some-kind of a “by-pass method…?

    • Charles


      I am not aware of anything specifically to aid epileptics using audio-visual-stimulation. I suspect neurofeedback would be a better tool, but am not aware of specific research. With neuro-feedback, specific areas can be targeted for activation and neurological change, without presenting repetitive patterns that could induce seizures. I also suspect binaural beats are more benign for epileptics, since the mode of operation isn’t so focused on visual or auditory evoked response. Though not related to epilepsy, this neuro-feedback study may be interesting to you:

      If you run across anything, please let me know. I’m curious, though I don’t have plans experiment with epileptics.

      Kind Regards,

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