Hello… It’s been a very long time, so I thought I’d say hello to the community.

We’ve now reached several thousand members, well over 1 million downloads, and thousands of comments and emails. The feedback over the years is┬ávery positive. This confirms that these programs are at the top of the performance hierarchy — yielding more for your immersion and involvement than anything else we know of.

I wanted to convey a few key points in this update.

First, I’ve changed from a pseudonym to my real name. I had been using Charles Andrews. My real name is Dan Hoogterp. Other than using a pseudonym, anything I said about myself was accurate.

Second, I’ve decided to put more energy into this project. As a result, I’ll be adding premium fee-based┬áprograms and options to the free offerings. We still intend to offer enormous value for free. However, those members that want to push further or faster, can get involved with our premium offerings. You’ll see more on that very soon.

Stay tuned and thanks for all your enthusiasm and feedback.

Warm Regards,