The Omega Mind Program is now available and replaces our earlier program.

We have outstanding feedback from people at various levels and find the results are amazing so far.  We’ve seen some people spontaneously realizing the program’s effect after a week or two — realizing that they are acting from a dramatically new perspective. We look forward to much more usage and feedback.

The Omega Mind Program is now available, though we always are tuning and refining on a regular basis.  You should start now, but expect to see refinements to the affirmations, recording processes, along with our production processes.  This program involves many hours of carefully produced sessions.  It takes enormous effort to produce each session and we continually incorporate adjustments.  Even with many layers of automation, we still do extensive second, by second, work on each session.

To say we are amazed at the early results would be an understatement.  In summary, this program absolutely rocks!