You Must Agree to Terms of Use

The programs here push the state of the art to give you the strongest tools to help you change.  These are not calming ocean waves with subtle tricks in the background.  The programs offered here interleave many effects designed to achieve an amazingly powerful transformation in your life. They may not always be pleasant to listen to, but will give you dramatic results.


With the power of these programs, comes a reliance on your judgment and a willingness to take a high-energy roller coaster ride through your self.  In other words, this helps you advance with the strongest assistance possible, but only if you are up to it.

Our brain/mind grows, in part, through a process of background cognitive dissonance, chaos, and disorder that drives subsequent re-establishment of coherence and balance.  Without cognitive stress and dissonance, there is little drive to establish new thought patterns.

During periods of increased dissonance , and throughout the process, you may notice  heightened emotional awareness or sensitivity, and possibly minor periods of edginess, spaciness or just feeling unusual.  You will find you have dramatically more conscious access to choices and actions that previously were automatic.  It will seem as though hardened pieces of old “stuff” dissolve, break off, and get released.

Throughout these programs, these effects should remain minor.  If you sense disruption building, you must slow down your use of the sessions.  You should see primarily positive effects, in the areas of mindfulness, awareness, effectiveness.  If any adverse effects become disruptive, you must reduce the usage level and stop entirely if the adverse effects don’t subside.

Many factors affect the brain, including diet, exercise, stress, hormonal change or imbalance,  and many illnesses.  If you feel brain/mind performance is impaired for any reason, we recommend you temporarily discontinue the program until the underlying cause is addressed.  These are strong programs intended for healthy and fully functioning brains only.

Before using any of the sessions or programs downloaded from this site, you agree to a few rules of use and to follow a few simple precautions:

  • Do not use these sessions while driving or operating heavy or dangerous machinery.
  • Do not use these sessions if you have epilepsy, narcolepsy, degenerative brain disease, multiple sclerosis, or any other neurological condition that involves the brain.
  • Do not use these sessions if you have now or in the past had or suspect any psychiatric illness.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy or dangerous machinery for at least one hour AFTER you use these programs.
  • Do not listen multiple times per day and do not listen on the same day as any other program that uses brainwave entrainment or otherwise alters your state of mind.
  • If you become uncomfortable, disoriented, confused, emotional, or any similar undesired effect, use sound judgment to immediately limit or discontinue use of the program.
  • You must be at least 18 to 21 years old.  Young minds are different, do not use these techniques or programs on minors.
  • You accept and acknowledge that this program is a personal development tool.  It is NOT medical, psychological, psychiatric, or counseling in any way, nor is it a substitute for any of these.
  • You accept full responsibility for your use of the program and all of its effects, side effects, and results, whether desired or not.

By registering and becoming a member, you agree to these rules and guidelines prior to using the program.

Terms of Use for These Programs

  • These programs for your personal use only. By downloading or using these programs, you agree not to redistribute or publish the material in any forum.  Each individual using these programs is required to register and download separately.
  • These programs and material are copyrighted works of  We grant you a non-exclusive right to use this content and information for your personal use and enjoyment only.
  • Follow direction and take responsibility. You agree to follow the directions in this post and associated with each program or download.  You take full responsibility and assume all risks in using these programs or techniques.  You agree to discontinue use immediately if you experience any undesired or disruptive effects.

We really appreciate and anticipate all feedback.  Each person and each mind is different.  We are looking to find even more patterns that will help make these tools evolving and gaining further effectiveness over time  .

We hope you enjoy the sessions.  Please be careful and enjoy the full benefits.  This is a new level of transformation power that goes beyond anything you’ve likely experienced.  The short term effects are very noticeable, the longer term effects are incredible and will help you reshape your entire being.