Your brain holds the secret to how we grow, when we grow, and when we don’t.  Using modern brain understanding and tools, we can dramatically change ourselves over time.  The cast-in-stone nature of personality of behavior can be reshaped.

We’ve all heard references to the popular book, “The Secret.”  We’ve all heard numerous references to hidden and untapped power of the brain, your unconscious, your spiritual oneness, paths to enlightenment.  These are often riddled with promise of easy paths to abundance, peace, and happiness.

I have always been intrigued and driven to understand why some aspects of our human personality are fluid and flexible, while others are almost immutable, even when we desire ourselves to be different.  I’ve synthesized information from neurology to cognitive science, neural networks to coherence theories,  psychology and self help practices, and even the religious spectrum, including Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, and others.

If you read these pages, try the approaches, and see for yourself,  I believe you will an exceptional, holistic paradigm and novel approach.  Nothing else I’ve found comes close in the long term.  I’ve decided to package my years of research, learning, and coaching, and personal development support on the web.

Through all the noise and hype, I have found a few approaches and technologies that do accelerate growth at several levels.  I’ve tried these myself.  I’ve observed their effects in others.  I’ve tried every product I can find, from $9 to many thousands.

Along the way, I’ve personally tried hundreds of books, programs, technologies, and practices in my life.  I’ve held a wide range of spiritual views and practice throughout my life.  I’ve learned from what drives you forward, what doesn’t, and, importantly, how different approaches build on each other over time.

When I began creating personal development approaches based on this synthesis, I found amazing results.  Not amazing as in instant, but amazing as in repeatable, incremental, and persistent.  Like compounding in a savings account, the incremental power becomes dramatic, but only over time and with continued attention.

“The secret” is balancing openness, acceptance, releasing and intention with evolving practice and action.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are often distracted and conflicted, which undermines your development, passion, and growth.

A solid foundation and maximizing physical health is key to your personal growth.  Your state of relaxation, breathing, stress release, and basic physical equilibrium need to be in balance.  You may need to address sleep, weight, smoking, blood pressure, or any number of stress related ailments.

I can’t help you with the medical aspects of your stress, weight, or anything else.  For medical issues, see a doctor, soon.  You must address basic health issues promptly and completely.  Otherwise, you manifest a quite negative intention by ignoring health worries or issues.

However, I can help you rewrite and rewire your mind to improve the attitude, motivation, and behavior in all these areas.  I can help you experience deep states of relaxation, clear release of pent up emotion, deep changes that rewire your thinking to match your chosen goals.  None of this is easy, but it is possible.  Whether it takes you months or years, the time will go by anyway.  Why not choose to be much further along in your growth journey each and every year into the future?

Only you can know which of these areas, or others, are most prevalent in your life.  I have a large library of tools and programs to help in these areas.  Most of these are audio programs that you listen to, though many have directions you follow while listening or embedded within the program itself.

With a solid health foundation, relaxed mind states as a baseline, and a vision for where you want to go, you next focus on your everyday thought patterns, level of mindfulness, and the road to turn your intentions into your thoughts and actions.  Although this is a long road, with many likely detours, once you learn how to move forward, like riding a bicycle, the pattern of growth becomes second nature.

I have some tools to help dramatically in these areas.  This is not a solitary path, in the long run you must enlist support from your family, social, career, and spiritual areas of your life.  For most people, nothing is gained without more connection to these areas anyway.

Please browse around for tools, reviews, and recommendations.  I am posting some of these tools for you to use.  Please comment and send emails with your feedback.