About thesecretbrain.com

Hello and welcome to thesecretbrain.com.  I am Dan Hoogterp, founder of TheSecretBrain.  For years I ran this site under the pseudonym Charles Andrews. As I’ve decided to reinvigorate and scale the site to new levels, I’ve done away with the pseudonym, though I still like the name and will miss being “Charles.”

I am an entrepreneur with a software engineering background.  However, my academic and professional path is fairly eclectic, including aspects of cognitive science, psychology, neuro-marketing, and much more.

I have been an avid user, student, and creator of personal transformation technologies throughout my life. I have always been intrigued by personal development and the interaction of neurology and low level functioning with upper levels to form our personality.  I have spent decades studying, experimenting, producing programs, and observing results over time.  I’ve directly created several commercial success and transformation products and more in collaboration with others.  I  have also personally experienced and reviewed dozens of systems and products along the way.

I have become successful well beyond my early belief system.  I have achieved many things in life that I once thought impossible for me.  I attribute a great part of this success in my own evolution to the  insights, practices, and neuro-development I’d gained along the way.

Personal development and transformation techniques are gradually turning from a black art into a science, though a great deal of pseudo-science is still prevalent (as well as outright hype).

It is clear that most of the offerings today are not much different from the commercial products 20 years ago.  In contrast, neuroscience,  systemic brain/personality understanding, and the programs I develop have all changed dramatically.

As you can see from the selected references on this site, which is only a tiny fraction of the research flow, a great deal has changed in mind/brain research.  Evidence now suggests that much of the stubborn, sticky habits of human existence – the very stuff personal transformation tries to influence – are in great part the result of heavy myelenation and resultant automation of behavior, along with  relative abundance or lack of activity in key brain regions.  This is in contrast to the traditional self-help version of the subconscious – a simple-minded, “mini-me” that undermines people’s lives and has objectives that are incongruent with the “real” person on the outside.

I have two key issues with the traditional self-help subconscious explanations:

First, The more you try to ’empower’ someone by working on their subconscious, you taking away conscious responsibility for their outcomes.  This becomes another covert way to lay blame for your life on long-forgotten personal experience, environmental, and genetic factors.  In the end, only our choices and actions matter.  It is how we choose to act, who we choose to be, and how others observe us that matters.  The secret, “true you” deep inside is a dis-empowering myth.  It is most empowering to accept that we are how we behave (in all forms), not what we “think” we are or what we are “becoming” inside.

Second, the view and debate over the nature of the subconscious has been around since Freudian times (and earlier in other forms).  The “mini-me” or separate identity descriptions fail to catch the nature of the subconscious effect.  Subconscious influence can be seen as neural inertia, brought on by extensively repeated and reinforced behaviors without choice to act in alternative ways.

The “subconscious” footprint of habitual thought patterns also creates the experience and justification of internal “conflicts,” reinforcing beliefs in an alter-you that interferes with life.  In my opinion, these conflicts are merely reflections of established patterns on conscious processes.  We clearly need to change thought patterns and create alternative habits, in choice, thought, and action.  However, there is no “little you” inside to change or convince.

Moving on, I have developed programs that allow people to release old patterns and choose new ones.  The methods were derived with the perspective above and a many other practical elements – employing techniques in a pragmatic combination.  A common theme is triggering states of mind where the brain goes into enhanced-learning and myelenation happens at a greatly accelerated rate, memory formation is more reliable, and new pathways are formed.  Over time, newly developed pathways drive change.  By combining a variety of techniques in entrainment, breathwork and visualization, life actualization, we can enhance relaxation, suggestibility, and releasing effectiveness.

Using these tools, we create nascent pathways in areas we choose.  We then raise our conscious awareness throughout our day and expose new choices that previously were automatic.  When we consciously and actively take new paths, our brain quickly learns and reroutes the automatic pathways.  The end result, is a new perspective and habitual mindset permeates an area — the old is just a memory without power.  I have seen this reproduced over and over in myself and others.  Once you experience the effect, it is unmistakable and a core skill for the rest of your life.  However, like riding a bicycle, the rider has to figure out how to balance on their own.  I provide effective training wheels, guidance, brainwave sounds, and so on.   Ultimately, each brain learns on its own.

While I think we each earn our success in life, I also think everything we have in life either a gift or luck, depending on your worldview.  In my view, it is a gift.  This site offers a free program as a way for me to return some value to the world.  I also get something back, as I learn more along the way from correspondence with members and specific feedback.  It’s also rewarding to look at the site stats see dozens of new members each time. I’ve also recently decided to introduce paid programs. This helps scale this community and offer more to more people.

I hope this gives you a good feel for what kind of person I am, my background, and why this site is here.  I also know you’ve been patiently reading waiting for the most important answers.  They will come next.

Please review this site, if it fits, try the program.  You will find a unique, clean, powerful blend that helps you evolve to higher levels of personal satisfaction and accomplishment.  All of our programs have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

– Dan

Note and disclaimer: The programs use sounds and other techniques that influence brainwaves to  alter automatic behaviors and myelenation patterns.  This is a personal development program, not a therapeutic technique.  If you have any medical, psychological or neurological condition or concerns, consult your doctor and seek treatment and professional services as advised.