Entrainment with Binaural Beats – Isochronic Tones!

Rapidly Transform by Meditative Listening

Welcome to the home of the Omega Mind Program.  This is an incredible program that can change your life forever.  We combine a spectrum of neuro-sounds, including Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, into a powerful personal growth system.

We use brainwave entrainment and other methods to trigger brain states that temporarily alter your brainwaves.  We target specific brainwave/EEG patterns associated with deep meditation, relaxation, malleability, and plasticity.  From this baseline, we layer in our powerful learning, activation and transformation techniques.

This is a Free Introductory Program

We won’t ask for money.  There is no catch. This introductory transformation program is completely FREE for personal use.  You need only agree  to a few simple rules and we’d like the courtesy of your feedback. We’ll let you know about our premium programs that you may want, but rest assured this is a complete and powerful program in its own right.

The Omega Mind Program

After decades creating personal development programs,  I focus on high intensity programs that offer dramatic personal transformation.  The Omega Mind Program replaces ingrained patterns and activates dramatic new pathways and behaviors.

We use advanced neuro-sounds and meditation-like states along with a spectrum of personal transformation techniques.  This opens the doorway to dramatic change.  You will feel the change building and a new self emerging day by day.

You will rewire your being and transform into the person you choose.  You will experience effects in your life in a matter of days, with more and more substantial results building each week.  This leads to dramatic reshaping as you use the program and the process builds on itself.

What you should expect

This program helps you quickly change the way you are wired.  The Omega Mind Program releases inhibitions and stuck patterns that prevent you from doing what you already know and being the person you “know” how to be.  The program will trigger your brain to “deeply learn” to be your desired self rather than continuing  your “stuck” self.  Your brain will reorganize pathways to support your chosen direction, rather than doing what you’ve always done and reinforcing existing patterns.

You will experience change from the inside out.  You will not face a challenge of sustained willpower, hoping short term changes last. You will feel change permeate your being from the inside.

This program works triggering our learning systems and activating positive pathways, giving more balance in your thoughts and opening up new choices throughout your day.  Your natural learning ability will quickly energize and reinforce pathways for desired thoughts and behaviors.  To make this happen, we apply a novel technology along with a blend of established powerful techniques. The program progresses through four levels, starting modestly and rapidly progressing as you are ready, becoming a high speed train ride to a new self.

Incredibly easy to use — you listen to one session each day. The sessions start at 30 minutes and  increase gradually in later levels. When possible, you also quietly play the supporting CortiSound background sessions for an hour a day.

Listen and the Sounds Trigger Learning and Change

Reading this site, you will get a good sense of the program’s perspective and approach.  We address both the neurological habits and common mind constructs that interfere with growth.  Not all apply to everyone, but collectively this addresses many common impediments to change and growth.  A few of the areas we address are highlighted here:

  • We practice being ourselves 24 hours a day for a lifetime; much of this practice is not helpful — your brain’s deep learning circuits will be activated to train yourself with chosen patterns.
  • Using blame to avoid responsibility; without responsibility, we lose personal power to change — release blame and take back responsibility and power.
  • Certainty replaces listening and choice; when you are certain, your brain doesn’t listen OR learn: you are “stuck” — transform certainly into flexibility and plasticity.
  • Social Influence; when driven by social forces, you are stuck in beliefs about others expectations — notice social factors, but don’t be ruled by them.
  • And more.

The simple registration form below is all that’s needed.  This multi-level foundation program is completely free for your personal use.  These are extremely powerful programs that I am pleased to let you experience.  Your time will be very well spent and the world will thank you for it.  Despite being free, this program is the absolute most powerful and effective personal transformation system you are likely to find at any price.

Of course, you must accept our personal use and safety precautions before using any of the programs.  We also would appreciate your comments and feedback along the way, and will certainly offer you our other products down the road.

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No strings or hidden fees.  This is not a sample, this is the full versions of our latest foundation program — evolved over many years.  We do not sell or rent  your personal information in any way.


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These programs awaken your mind, then empower deep changes, that you choose.  This allows you to quickly evolve into your fully expressed self.  We look forward to having you experience this amazing program.  Your feedback will make these programs even more awesome for the next wave of participants.