As part of an effort to ensure our members get the variety and types of programs they seek, we are adding Meditation sessions to the Omega Mind Program.  Since many members are also developing a meditation practice, this helps weave your meditation goals into the Omega Mind Program experience.

The sessions (available in Member Area – Omega Meditation) can either be used separately or to extend the Omega Mind Program series in each level.  Since the sessions are optional and can be used with or without the core Omega sessions, they are in a separate download section of the member area.

These sessions are much simpler and do not use any audible verbal content or guidance, making them suitable for deep meditation purposes.  We do encode the Omega Mind Program subliminal affirmations in these sessions, though deliberately hidden more completely to minimize distraction in your meditation.

A meditation session is now available for each level of the Omega Mind Program.  The other sessions are similar in length to the corresponding core sessions in each level.  The meditation sessions do get “stronger” and “deeper” with successive levels.

These sessions follow widely used and researched brainwave entrainment protocols, including binaural beats, isochronic tones, and synchronized modulation of all audible content.  They are designed to induce deep relaxed, meditative states.  Although we include ocean, wind, and beach sounds, also encoded for entrainment, you will be able to hear the powerful entrainment sounds throughout the sessions.

Unlike most programs,  we vary the types of entrainment, mix of entrainment and other sounds, and other details throughout the session.  The entrainment techniques that work early in a session are less effective at lower entrainment frequencies.  As you become more relaxed in a session, a different mix is most effective at maintaining entrainment.

Although we use these basic techniques in other sessions, there are many more layers and techniques applied in the core sessions.  The goal of the core sessions includes relaxation, but they are designed to activate pathways, create new training images, and other effects, rather than encourage a pure meditative state.

These sessions augment the core program effectively, but are not a substitute if used in isolation.  However, if your goal is meditation, this is an excellent baseline to accelerate your meditation process.