The Omega Mind Program builds on earlier successful and powerful programs. We originally launched “The Secret Brain Transformation Program.” Both programs employ intensely powerful techniques, leveraging recent theory in neuroscience to dramatically extend time-tested and proven self-improvement and transformation methods.

The classic program was more content free, closer to a positive meditation platform. It left you to follow directions and mind your thoughts at all times as you learn its techniques to re-goal your brain and mind.  Although positive changes occur along the way, it may take a few months to achieve the first shocking “aha” with the classic program – a point when you know positively you have a new hyper-powerful tool for change.

The Omega Mind Program, which I refer to here as “Omega,” gives substance and guardrails for your thoughts.  Omega is a more guided experience and has even stronger immediate effects in your life.  If you follow the instructions, you will feel this program in your life within only days or a few short weeks.

To accomplish this, Omega layers in hundreds of carefully chosen affirmations.  The deep relaxation, increased malleability, and suggestibility that our core technology creates provides an ideal environment for you to process carefully chosen affirmations.  The activation and releasing techniques used with the affirmations retrain your mind and let you release old thought patterns.  See the post on Omega affirmations to learn more about the types of affirmations and how they are delivered.  We believe these are all very general in nature and would fit most people’s desired internal programming.  Of course, you are the only judge of that.

What do I get?  What should I expect?

This program guides you to make self-directed, thoughtful adjustments to yourself.  Unlike the classic program where you script the mental imagery, Omega adds many periods of directed suggestion.  These are periods where audible affirmations are used to evoke thought patterns for change. There are also quiet periods within the program, where you can experience the same openness that the classic program builds.

Omega gives you the tools and evokes areas for change.  You choose who you want to be.  We will point you to the doors.  You, and only you, need to make choices that will literally rewire your pathways.  The Omega Mind Program gives you many hints and pointers, but still doesn’t say who you should be — that is up to you.

In addition to the affirmations used at points in Omega program, there are instructions within the program to help with the process of creating change in your life.  This includes the ability to  release, creating acceptance, and getting beyond established patterns.  You play the central role, choosing which parts of yourself to change, how to change them, and what you want to become.  There will be periods with front-and-center affirmation delivery and free floating periods, which both combine to draw your focus into areas for change.  The affirmations will loosen many established patterns and make you more aware of who you choose to be.

We no longer offer the original program. It has been replaced by powerful meditation programs. A basic meditation session is included with the core Omega Mind Program.

With Omega Mind Program, we are 100% confident you will learn to change any aspect of yourself you desire and commit to.  As you fully realize the program’s power, changing yourself becomes at least 10 times easier.  This is no exaggeration.  Rather than relying on intense willpower, you change through calm choices and newly created awareness – your brain helps you rather than fights for you to stay the same.

Accept yourself today, accept and let go of your past, and let this program help you make conscious choices that will reshape your future, moment by moment.

How is the Program Structured?

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