Meditation is Beneficial, but NOT a Rapid Transformation Tool

As the Omega Mind Program reaches many more people, we frequently get questions about “deep meditation.”  Does this program help me meditate deeply?  Other programs or software claim I’ll get to instant Zen states or have Monk-like meditation.  Will I quickly find true bliss in life?

This is a rather rich and complicated question.  Since many people have asked, I thought I’d post my thoughts.

Generally, yes, the Omega Mind Program helps you meditate very deeply and provides the guardrails and on-ramp to get there quickly and effectively.  However, our goal with this program isn’t deep meditation.  We are trying to transform lives and get brains to rewire themselves.  Meditation-like states, for us, are ONE of the tools to help get there.

The Monk’s Life

A Zen Monk may ultimately achieve, or rather, drift into, a state of bliss.  They master mind states with mentoring, practice and tuned, gentle, mastery of their will, attention, and intention.  These monks often have a lifestyle of simplicity, quietude, meditation, and service.  They let go of most attachments to the world, to people, to things, and cease grasping at the concepts that swirl through the world around them.  From this baseline, they follow a spiritually informed path that often leads to deep contentment and what we might call bliss.  As this is their life’s goal, they often do find what can be called bliss.

Now, Switch to Your Life

Over the years, I’ve found many people looking for systems and programs to help them rocket down the road to bliss and enlightenment.  My advice to them, plan to eventually sell everything, move somewhere peaceful, maybe a remote village in far East, find a spiritual haven or genuine monastery, and follow a carefully chosen spiritual path.  The same is true of most other paths and practices, go where the masters are and follow their teaching and live the appropriate lifestyle.

The claims of instant “monk-like” meditation don’t claim you will be a monk, just that you will meditate like one.  However, they also weave in the implications of spiritual growth, bliss and even a chance find enlightenment.  Though the brain states are a helpful tool in general, isolating that one aspect of a monk’s life in a clinical fashion is not a prescription to achieve a monk’s inner experience.

Unfortunately, no audio tape, Internet program, or book, is going to turn a modern, Westernized, achievement oriented person into a Monk, Zen or otherwise. I have a lot of respect for that path, but it is not very compatible with choices most of us face or truly desire.  Many who attest that they desire the monk experience are really seeking an escape.  That is not a prescription to achieve bliss, but rather loneliness and despair.  To be effective for a Westerner, the monk experience must truly be an attractor, not just the least undesirable life.  Sorry if I’m being too blunt here, but I take life and happiness rather seriously, well mostly 😉

Our goal here is not to promote materialism or greed, or a particular “Western” lifestyle, but to help you become the absolute most effective and balanced person you can be, in the society you actually live in.  Balance, moderation, limiting commercialism, and staying off the escalating consumption treadmill are certainly good ideas.  These are good ideas in part for the global ecology, but mostly for experiencing the best self you can be.  Materialism owns people far more than people own things.

The High-Tech Zen Monk Path

In my opinion, those who seek to use meditation and technology for rapid Zen-like experiences often become focused on the mind experience, brainwaves, and scoring deep meditation points.  This can lead to a self-centered, enlightened in your own mind, and only your own mind, type of existence.

Don’t get me wrong, meditation is a good life practice.  The technologies like these and elsewhere will leverage and improve a genuine long term meditation practice.  By itself, meditation practice will make you more relaxed, maintain lower blood pressure, experience less stress, and be more  fluid in your thinking.

However, general meditation techniques do NOT provide the dramatic power to reshape your own life. Adding affirmations, guidance, and coaching to theta-delta brainwave entrainment sessions has been tried for decades.  The numerous stages of program, while necessary in part, are often more of a long term revenue approach than informed program design.  These are common aspects of the “high tech meditation” approach.  It is a very long road and hasn’t populated our world with highly balanced and successful people saying, “Look Mom, I’m now an enlightened Zen Monk and my life is transformed.”  These programs do have value, often improve meditation as measured on an EEG, but, in my opinion, are not the life change vehicles many would expect.  Of course, your mileage may vary, and most diligently practiced self-improvement approaches are far better than none.

What’s Different in the Omega Mind Program

The Omega Mind Program is based on a spectrum of techniques applied in a carefully layered and sequenced program.  The specific program design leverages both the traditional techniques of which I speak and, more importantly, are informed by neurological discoveries over the past 10 years.  There has been a major change in recent years in our understanding of the brain/mind connection, with exciting information added almost daily.  Studies using recent imaging technologies, including SPECT, PET, fMRI, CAT, along with refinements in EEG, MEG, and neuro-feedback have combined generate a new level of insight into how our brains to learn and operate.

Through the levels and sessions of this program, we apply varied methods encompassing brainwave relaxation, protocols to enhance plasticity and learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, breathing exercises to enhance absorption and retention, unique subliminal priming to enhance receptivity, psychological releasing techniques, just to name a few.  These are all oriented to drive increasing plasticity, create models for change, and install context-triggered learning models, which become your internal path and guide to change.  The approach endeavors to put your brain on your team.  You don’t fight your habits or predispositions, you change them.

One key focus of the Omega Mind Program is to not-so-gradually disrupt the  brain’s hardened highway system that runs your mind and life. We retrain your mind with a gentle co-pilot to remind you when you hop on the highways you want to change.  This gets you off the highways where everything runs on autopilot and lets you make conscious choices that create new pathways and behaviors.  Your brain helps the process by being switched into a learning mode that drives the process as if you are trying to change a golf swing or perfect a skill.  We’ll trigger your brain to consistently illuminate opportunities for change at moments of great effectiveness.  A deep learning approach to becoming a new self.

If you can find the time to meditate for 30 to 60 minutes a day now, try our program for a few months.   You will experience a thrill ride of change, leverage your meditation baseline, and see benefits in your life now, not years in the future.  Given that we don’t charge for this program, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

The Bottom Line

If your goal is strictly meditation, look for meditation tools, including the free Omega Meditation Series here.  The more committed you are to meditation as a part of your life, the more seriously you will have to consider your practice.  There are certainly many tools that help you at least get more out of the first few years than you otherwise would, assuming you are continuing a normal Western lifestyle by day.

To leverage our entrainment knowledge and meet our member’s desires, we do offer the free Omega Meditation Series (linked above).  This series of meditation programs is highly effective and favorably compares to any high quality meditation program on the market.  The series is designed to be used either in conjunction with the Omega Mind Program or as a standalone enhanced meditation program.

If your goal is personal transformation, be wary of approaches that focus on something else as a vehicle (such as perfecting meditation) to get there or over-emphasize a specific technique (e.g., visualization, subliminals, entrainment).  Almost anything is helpful in the short run, but our ingrained selves were built by powerful automatic training systems.  Making serious headway requires getting your brain to retrain itself, not just relaxation, hearing positive suggestions, and so on.

We need our brain’s wiring on the same side of personal transformation as our conscious self. We can’t fight all of our habits with willpower or secret subliminal suggestions.  We need to replace the habits with something deliberately chosen to be more effective.  Our brains need to support this process at every level.  The Omega Mind Program is a broad program to help you achieve dramatic personal transformation through deep retraining.  We believe it is the best program of its kind, bar none.